3rd June 2017

We’re halfway through 2017 and I haven’t yet written a word here. That’s mystifying to me. So much has happened!

There have been times where I halfway thought I would sit down and write. Maybe about the last semester of graduate school, about the spring opera, about my master’s recital (!), about graduating, about what’s next for me.

I only ever got halfway. I never fleshed out my ideas. I never sat with certain uncomfortable truths about things and parsed them out. I ignored them. I halfway thought about them, I promise. But for whatever reason, I decided I’d rather not write about them.

The truth is, I’m not particularly comfortable with the concept of halfway. I don’t like to ‘halfway’ do anything, let alone this blog.  I would prefer to just not if it means I have to halfway do something. Anything.

I think this is generally a good thing. Being 100% committed to things is a good thing to do, most of the time. I think we can probably all agree on that (and that’s something that’s quite rare these days).

But you know what? I’m in this very transitional, semi-scary part of my life, and I think that maybe I need to grow a little more accustomed to halfway. Halfway isn’t the goal, it’s a starting place. But I have to start. I must start.

If I start this halfway, maybe I’ll get all the way there tomorrow. But the first step has to be taken, right?

So, here is a halfway blog post. A halfway hello. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe there’ll be a whole blog post. A whole hello. A whole update on what I’m doing.

But for now, I’m halfway there. And I like that.

image: Unsplash

  • DesperatelySeekingGina

    Even halfway you’re pretty cool. I can’t wait to hear more. Or. Not. Because I know life is crazy busy, especially after just graduating. Figure things out and blog when you want-it will wait. And so will we. ?

  • Dorothy Johnson

    From where I sit, halfway is more than just a starting place. When we’re halfway to our destination, we’ve covered a lot of miles. And from what you wrote, I think you’ve been giving your singing your all because it should be your priority. Good luck on whatever is next.

    • DesperatelySeekingGina

      You always have the best words. <3

      • Dorothy Johnson

        Thank you! That’s mighty sweet of you.