Southern Fried Soprano - Week That Was 3

The Week That Was // 3

5th April 2015

Southern Fried Soprano - Week That Was 3










// what i did //

– survived a particularly rough Monday & Tuesday with the help of some friends (thanks, y’all)
– got down & dirty at eggshells kitchen co. painting the store!
– finished Wolf Hall and began Bring Up the Bodies (just in time to watch it premiere in the US on PBS tonight)
– went to an amazing plant sale, bought two more varieties of tomato and two more pepper cultivars, salivated over all the plants I want to buy and grow (when I have more room and time–but mostly room!)
– bought a selfie stick
– lots of garden work!

// what i learned //

– you can be everything they want and still not get it.

// what i loved //

– this piece on cultural appropriation in the “foodie” community
– Facebook canning and gardening groups (stop laughing)
– that GEICO commercial with the chicken

// what i’m working on musically //

– I should probably tell everyone what I’m working on… but that requires an “ANNOUNCEMENT” and I don’t know how I feel about that.

// what i’m wishing for next week //

– warmer temperatures so I can stop fretting over the soil temps in my garden!
– more grace and patience with myself

How’d this week go for you, friends?

  • darnold23

    Okay. Curiosity really is killing me!

  • I had a lovely week, thanks for asking! I love the way you wrap up your thoughts. Delightful!

  • It is on my list to get a selfie stick every week!

    • I got one at JoAnn Fabric with a 40% off coupon–it’s even better when it’s on sale!

  • We had fun in the garden this week too! I did mistake a Lavender for a Rosemary plant so I’m going to be having more Lavender Lemonade than Rosemary Focaccia this year. 😉

    • I LOVE lavender. You’ve got to try the Pink House Alchemy lavender simple syrup–the lavender french 75 at Cache Restaurant is my favorite.

      Le Pops, next door to Eggshells, makes a blackberry lavender popsicle that I could eat 2083203820 of, tbh.

    • That being said–still get a rosemary!